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Totally real story : I just wanted everyone to know what happened to me just 2 days. My best friend and his wife were having a bad run lately, constantly arguing, it would have on the phone complaining about it all the time, then Monday I have a strange message on his cell phone after she had asked if they visit me at work for a coffee and chat, I do not see a problem with this as it always come to see me or not together when they were in the city. Anyway, she appeared at 12:30 hours, I have a drink and sit down with them in my office, now is a white light through summer dress that looked good on the lake, had not noticed before, but she had an incredible body. She said she thought he spent a romance with an old friend and asked if I knew anything about it or if he said something that I exploitedteensasia said no, because I do not, then, turned slightly sideways in his chair co and airn had picked up the dress and was not wearing a bra, and I could see clearly in his buttons were undone, the most beautiful breasts with the nipples had seen die, I do not think she had realized so bump me hard now covered exploitedteensasia discreetly and turned to check something on my computer. We have been chatting for about exploitedteensasia 10 minutes, and became increasingly aggressive toward him and said how much he hated it, and it happened again, this time I knew she saw me looking at her breasts super. I do not know what to say or do, but only approached him and said, ' you like', my response was instant ' I can see are amazing,' I could feel myself very red 'blush is not necessary 'he said, still worse, then slowly lifted her dress a bit just to see your wound, do not wearing panties,' I never wear underwear in the hot summer weather, lack of exploitedteensasia hygiene, ' he said, that was, was now rock hard which had been given already, and released it as exploitedteensasia a teenager instead of 35 years old, married, 'if I was not married and who were not my best mates wife, I would be on his knees,' he said. to respond immediately and said, ' Well, you and I, and not bother me,' and she opened her knees before me, full circle, from what I could see the splendor exploitedteensasia of their nakedness, fantastic breasts and trimmed pussy clean and shaved, my zipper open, letting my cock, but in the mouth, put it between her breasts, I began to masturbate tits, I was in heaven, she was so soft and golden, and, I said, I'd wanted to try her pussy, but she said if I wanted to try it then, suck between his legs and began playing with her, then she started on my dick, which was heaven, exploitedteensasia my wife likes to suck cock, so this was the blow job for the first time in years, he had, he moved his hand fromlegs and put his fingers in his mouth, I knew great, I shot my load almost instantly in taste, and swallowed every drop, which then got up and sat together in front of me, not as something happened. gob surprised me when I said I had to go, so I took her to the elevators, and stood in the elevator, casting a knowing look and said : Do not worry, the next time something from me, want.... See you on Saturday so it will be what happens to fill.. SST
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